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My work is infused with love, gratitude

and reverence for this gift called life.

It is in highest love and with

great joy that I welcome you to

Freebird Apothecary

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Magick Maker | Truth Sayer | Love Witch | Earth Mama

Hello, I am Trixie Freebird, potion and magick maker at Freebird Apothecary. I am a true earth mama as my sun, moon and rising signs are all earth. This has resulted in a deep connection with mama earth and her flora and fauna.


It is with love, joy and devotion that I create and share my offerings with all of you. In Sanskrit, the word Sukha means embodied joy. Working with the plants and oils is my authentic expression of Sukha.


Your support blesses my choice for a slow, simple, sacred lifestyle of co-creating with the universe, mother earth and all her glorious plant medicines.

In highest love,


The Apothecary


Created and curated by Trixie, these kits contain everything you need to make magicks!

The Apothecary offers a wide array of materials for sacred smoke to support your spiritual practice.

Adornment created from healing crystals and sacred symbols for daily and ritual use.

Freebird Apothecary's exclusive line of oils, scrubs, and other natural blends. All products are created by Trixie in small batches, and infused with alchemical magicks.

Stones and crystals to assist with your energy healing and magickal workings.

Tools, trinkets, and treasures especially for your home, altar, and other important spaces, to aid you on your journey.

Kind Words

"I love my oils; my skin soaks them right up, and feels so hydrated. I have never used oils as good as the Empress Oil collection. Smells great, too!"

— Livi R.

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P.O. Box 5534  Huntsville, Ontario, Canada  P1H 2L5

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