Commiphora Myrrha

Element: Fire 🔥

Astrological Sign : Aries

Myrrh is a gummy resin obtained from the bark of the Commiphora Genus Tree. It has been used in ritual and magick for thousands of years and was one of three gifts the Magi ‘wise men’ brought the Christ child. It has a grounding scent that is soothing and comforting.

Properties & Uses:

•Used to consecrate, bless and purify amulets and ritual tools.

*Purifies a space of sadness, negativity, ill intent, discord, bitterness

•Restores a more balanced energetic to chakras and aura

•Communion with spirit

•Calms fears

•Burn for sorrow and grief

•Use when things are emotionally challenging.

• Helps in release work of negative emotions and thoughts

•Use before ritual, meditation and tarot

•Manifestation, prosperity, success and abundance.

•Hex breaking, endings and transformation work

•Past life recall

Freebird Apothecary Myrrh is hand ground with love and devotion to the craft.

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